So long, farewell and Merry Christmas


Dear Readers

After six weeks of foul-mouthed mockery of all things Christmas, we have put cynics Mary and Noel on ice.

Thanks for joining us, contributing your questions and having some fun at the Festive Industry’s expense.

If you’ve enjoyed Festive Treason, you may like to head over to Shake, Stir, Muddle for fortnightly cocktail and ’80s cultural offerings from Carolyn.

And for now, we hope that whatever you do to mark Christmas, that you get to do it your way and with the people whose company you enjoy.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and best wishes for whatever celebrations are important to you.

Jaimie and Carolyn (the artists formerly known as Noel and Mary)



2 comments on “So long, farewell and Merry Christmas”
  1. Stuart says:

    6 weeks of the best value reading in Australia’s cyber space. Thank you Noel & Mary- may your stockings overflow with festive festive bounty (booze) and a very happy Christmas to you all


  2. helen says:

    Thanks for the lolz, Mary and Noel. May the hangovers be minimal but the drinking maximal. Come again next year!


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